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                                                                          FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should i buy from Suisse Pharma, instead to choose a cheaper seller?

Because we are experienced pharmacists, granting original, safe and not expired products.

The biggest concern about buying pharmacs On-Line, is the high risk they are expired, damaged or simply counterfeited, resulting, potentially, in a serious treath to buyer’s health.


You will get a reliable, honest follow up assistance for every purchase, obtaining a consultation ticket. The consultation ticket will grant you a consultation regarding the pharmac you purchased.


No, our consultation has the aim to give indications about how to use our products and minimize or avoid side effects. That’s why the same moment would result a face-to-face consultation to be the most suitable solution, may we will address you to your Doctor.


Absolutely no, and this is another main reason to buy from us.

We know who gives us the products and we check as handle the product phisically before shipping, in order to safe your health and our reputation.

Do i need to be registered to make a purchase?

No, our offers are not reserved for registered users, but getting registered will give you access to a much smoother and intuitive service.

How can i register?

Registering on our site is very simple, you just have to click on the button “Account”, then select “Sign In” and follow few easy instructions to get registered in a few steps.

Can I change my registered data as E-Mail, password and address?

Yes, just select your Account and you can easily modify each information as you wish.

If I forget the password how can I recover it?

To request a new password just click on “Login”, then select “Forgot password?”

What is the wishlist?

The wishlist gives you the opportunity to create a list of desired products that you can conveniently purchase in the future. You can add products by accessing the product sheet and clicking on the following symbol ♥, you can manage your list directly from your Personal Dashboard

How can I search for products?

Search for the product you want using the box in the upper section of the site or browsing our categories

Can I place an order by phone?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to place orders by phone

I can’t add the product to the cart

The reason could be one of the following:

– You may have reached the maximum purchasable quantity, configured for your Account
– The product you have chosen is temporarily unavailable

Can I modify / cancel an order that has already been sent?

Once an order has been concluded, it is no longer possible to cancel or modify it

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment for products purchased on the Suisse Pharma website can be made by PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin and Monero.

To buy with credit card you need to hit the chat button and follow our operator’s instructions.

Why was my credit card declined?

The credit card can be rejected for one of the following reasons:

– You may have reached your card spending limit
– Your card may not be enabled for online payments, or may not be enabled for On-Line payments on every website, since some website could use banks that asks more consistent security protocols
– You may have entered the wrong PIN, check that the entered PIN is correct
– You may have entered the wrong OTP code, or that code detected by SMS or your bank’s app, check that the code entered is correct
– You may need an additional password (strong authentication) that you have enabled or that your bank has applied to you on the card
– The system may have noticed abnormal movements on the card and rejected it for security, we recommend that you contact your bank
– Presumed anomalies on your card may have been found, we recommend that you contact your bank
– An anomaly resulting from a card aggregator may have been detected, we recommend that you contact your bank
– Your card’s issue could not be compatible with Suisse telematic banking system

What to do if i cannot pay through Credit Card?

You can pay through Bitcoin or Monero. Paying with Monero is the simplest way to pay with Cryptocurrency, as ou just register in a few step on the MYMonero Website, obtaining a Wallet and purchasing Monero Through Credit Card through the same Wallet.

Are Monero transactions safe and private?

Yes, Monero transactions are absolutely safe and private and we consider it the ultimate frontier in digital payments. Monero’s Wallets identity is obscurated during any transaction, even when buying Monero XMR through Guardarian, by selecting the option in the Wallet.

Are credit card transactions safe and private?

At the time of the transaction, to increase the safety of our customers, the 3D Secure code will be required for all operations carried out with credit cards. The 3D Secure service is a security protocol that associates the payment card with a temporary OTP (One Time Password) code that will be provided each time a payment is made on a 3D Secure partner site. The use of the OTP code confirms that you are the cardholder and therefore the only person authorized to carry out the transaction. The OTP code will be sent, at the time of payment, by SMS to the mobile phone or by email certified by the credit card manager. If an incorrect security code is entered, it will not be possible to complete the purchase. At no time during the procedure Suisse Pharma is able to know the information relating to the buyer’s credit card or 3D Secure, as they are typed directly on the Nexi certified portal and on the website of the bank that manages the transaction (with very high security systems); since there is no data transmission, there is no possibility that these data are intercepted. No computer archive of Suisse Pharma contains, or maintains, such data.

When will my credit card be charged?

The purchase amount will be charged to your credit card upon confirmation of the order

When will my package be shipped?

Your package is shipped the same day or the next day, depending on the time we received the order.

Orders received before 12:00 are processed on the same day.

How many days you need to deliver?

From the moment of taking charge by the courier, delivery will take place within 9 to 11 days, depending on the location. Consider the package will be sent from Italy and could be delivered inside EU borders. Deliveries are made during office hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays

Can I indicate a specific day / time for delivery?

If you choose standard shipping by courier, the delivery date is predefined, the courier delivers from Monday to Friday, in the following time slot 8: 00-18: 00

Do you deliver throughout EU?

The delivery of the Products is carried out only on the EU territory.

Do you also deliver outside EU borders?

No, we do not deliver outside European Union borders.

What is the minimum threshold for free standard shipping?

For orders equal to or greater than € 220, standard shipping is free.

Can shipping costs vary depending on the destination?

No, shipping costs are actually ona a Flat Rate of 40 Euro.

Is it possible to track the shipment of my order?

Of course yes, just click on the tracking number we sent you in the “shipping confirmation” email, alternatively you can check the status of your shipment directly from your Personal Dashboard> My orders> Click on the order.

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